AWARe Training Programs:

Work Stream 1:- Promoting measures to relatively or absolutely decouple economic growth from fresh water.

No. Training Program Duration (week)
WS 1.1 Management and Uses of Non-Conventional Water Resources 2
WS 1.2 Water-Energy-Food Nexus and circular economy 2

Work Stream 2:- Green water is accounted for in developing national utilization plans, adaptation and mitigation strategies, and protecting and restoring freshwater ecosystem.

No. Training Program Duration (week)
WS 2.1 Integrated land and water resources management  4
WS 2.2 Integrated and Sustainable Management of Shared Aquifer Systems 3
WS 2.3 Rainfed Agriculture 2

Work Stream 3:- Cooperative analysis of river basin scale adaptation and mitigation options and risk maladaptation and proposes and supports mutually agreed policy in advance “not harm approach”.

No. Training Program Duration (week)
WS 3.1 Climate Change and Hydro Diplomacy 2
WS 3.2 River Basin Management 2

Work Stream 4:- Support co-benefit of adaptation action in the field of mitigation, including promotion of sustainable low-emission and low-cost drinking water and wastewater management, sanitation policies and strategies, and water-wise energy pathways

No. Training Program Duration (week)
WS 4.1 Water Quality and Salinity Management for Agriculture. 3
WS 4.2 Modern Irrigation Schemes 3
WS 4.3 Water Treatment and waste water treatment plant 2

Work Stream 5:- Improved early warning system for extreme weather events and prolonged droughts which shall include the three components of forecast, notifications, and means of communications, in the short, medium and long–term

No. Training Program Duration (week)
WS 5.1 Remote Sensing (RS) and Geographic Information System (GIS) 4
WS 5.2 Flood Risk Management 2
WS 5.3 Rainwater Harvesting Systems & Early Warning System  4
WS 5.4 Dam Safety 2

Work Stream 6:- linking water resources policies with national climate action

No. Training Program Duration (week)
WS 6.1 IWRM as a tool for adaption to climate change 3
WS 6.2 Climate Smart Water Management (CSWM) 3
WS 6.3 Climate Changes and relationship to irrigation needs & crops productivity 3
WS 6.4 Water &Climate Change Policies 2

General Training programs

No. Training Program Duration (week)
G1 Preparation of bankable proposals for climate change projects 2
G2 Environmental hydrology for arid and semi-arid regions 2
G3 On-farm water management for efficient Water Use 4
G4 Ground Water Management & Artificial Recharge 4