The African Centre for Water and Climate Adaptation (PAN AFRICAN) organized the training program entitled “Conflict Management over Shared Water”

The training program was held during the period from September 24 to October 12, 2023, with the participation of (16) African trainees from (13) African countries (South Sudan - Kenya - Uganda - Chad - Côte d'Ivoire - Sierra Leone - Central Africa - Madagascar - South Africa - Eswatini - Mozambique - Zimbabwe), in addition to a number of (13) Egyptian trainees from the Ministries of Irrigation, Agriculture, Environment and Electricity.
The training was conducted by an elite group of Egyptian experts in the fields of water and international law and an elite group of international experts from Italy and France in negotiation methods and skills. The Italian Aid Authority participated in financing the training program through the joint water knowledge project between Egypt and Italy.
The program covered various topics about the rules of international law regulating water and negotiation methods, in addition to acquiring negotiation skills.
At the closing of the program activities, Professor Dr. Hani Sweilem, Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation, witnessed the honoring of (29) Egyptian and African trainees, congratulating them on their completion of the training program, and expressing his hope to achieve the desired goal of raising the capabilities of the participants at the technical level, and transferring the experiences gained during the program. For actual application.
 His Excellency praised Egypt's great efforts to deal with water challenges, especially with climate changes that negatively affect the water sector, stressing Egypt's endeavor to support African countries, enhance cooperation with them, and raise the capabilities of African trainees in the field of water.